Electromobility technology provides significant advantages to both the driver and the environment, since electric vehicles have a higher energy efficiency ratio and a lower emissions footprint compared to corresponding conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines.

Points of excellence and benefits of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

  • Lower operating cost compared to conventional vehicles, due to their higher energy efficiency and also due to the price of electricity being lower per energy unit that the price of any fossil fuel.
  • Outstanding performance, in the interests of comfort-ease of driving and energy security, as their torque reaches maximum capacity instantly and is almost constant
  • Limit overall consumption and usage costs due to the ability to recover energy from braking, which charges the battery
  • Lower maintenance costs than conventional vehicles
  • Low to zero emissions when moving
  • Low to zero total emissions footprint, if charged from renewable energy sources
  • Limiting the consequences of global warming caused by the greenhouse effect and thus reducing dependence on fossil fuels
  • Reduced levels of urban noise and significantly less burden on natural ecosystems, since they are almost silent
European Green Deal through eMobility
By 2030 the world will look different…

The change is accelerating. The European Commission has launched the first tranche of its 'Fit for 55%' measures that will support Europe's climate policy framework and put the EU on track for a 55% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030, and net-zero emissions by 2050.

Over the next decade the European Union is planning to invest 1 trillion Euros as part of the European Green Deal. It’s forecast we’ll see as a result close to 40 million electric vehicles on the roads and 3 million public EV charging points. 

By 2030


decline in European oil demand


of all cars sold globally will be electric


of electricity globally will be wind and solar produced

Market Evolution

Greece continues to make significant progress in 2023

The growth of the electric car market increased exponentially in 2023, compared to the previous year

Of all new passenger cars in 2023 were electric

BEV & PHEV passenger car registrations

Increase in electric car registrations vs 2022

Strategic partnership nrg & BMW GROUP

nrg and BMW GROUP are launching a new era in Electromobility! One of nrg’s main goals has always been to develop strategic partnerships in order to serve its customers in the best possible way.

In achieving the above goal, nrg has developed a strategic partnership, since November 2019, with the BMW GROUP, the leader of the electromobility market in Greece. 

The main objective of this partnership is to unite forces with the BMW GROUP so as to offer more comprehensive services to our common customers.
The collaboration of these two leading companies provides the Greek public with the opportunity to learn much more about electromobility and its benefits in our daily lives. Applying a series of targeted actions, nrg and the ΒΜW GROUP bring Greek drivers a step closer to electromobility.