e-mobility travel in Greece, turns into reality, with incharge, Greece's largest network of fast chargers!


Discover the new app incharge. The ultimate tool for the electric vehicle driver who travels all over Greece, featuring the largest network of fast chargers!
In nrg, we are constantly investing in new technologies in the field of electromobility, with the aim of providing a comprehensive service to the driver who wants to switch to an electric car. By creating the optimum infrastructure and services, we are making electromobility a reality!
The new incharge application is the ultimate tool for the electric vehicle driver offering high-level services.
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Find a charging station

Navigate to the desired charging point via map, searching for all available public stations

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Find the type of charging you want

Ability to apply personal preference filters by searching the station’s characteristics

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Monitor the charging process

Receive real-time notifications on the charging process

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See your charging history

See your charging history from previous charging sessions

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Charging payment through the application with modern payment methods such as e-wallet and credit and / or debit cards

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Customer assistance 24/7

24/7 assistance from nrg’s dedicated customer service team by calling at 218 88 1802


How do I charge?

1st step

Enter or download the incharge application for Android or iOS

2nd step

Register by selecting the program you want to charge or continue as a guest

3rd step

Find on the map of the application the point of the network that serves you for charging and navigate to it

4th step

Once you reach the desired charging point, select the charger and the connector through the application and swipe right to start charging

5th step

Monitor the charging process or stop charging by swiping left

6th step

Receive your receipt by email and view your charging history with incharge, through the app, if you have registered

Μάθετε πώς να φορτίσετε το ηλεκτρικό σας αυτοκίνητο με το incharge.
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incharge APP

The incharge app is also available in a web environment. Join today already!