Complete services for businesses

The incharge plan is the most complete charging solution for every business. Make the most of the electric vehicle charging commercial capabilities and relax while enjoying the top-level services provided by nrg only!

From the provision and installation of the charger, to the free download of the advanced app for the management and promotion of the incharge service, nrg instantly and comprehensively addresses all your needs.
Why join the incharge charging station network?
To increase traffic to your business, by enabling passing electric car drivers
To increase the visibility of your business, by joining the incharge network and by its visibility, through the application
To reduce the environmental footprint of your business
To enhance your company's corporate social responsibility, since the charging stations supply electricity from renewable energy sources
To join the incharge charging network quickly and easily, without complicated procedures, as all stages of the supply, installation and operation of the charging station are undertaken by nrg

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